OpenId Connect for Liferay is a very rough but effective implementation of the OpenId connect protocol for Liferay. Using this class it is possible to authenticate with any OpenId proider specified in the code.


Before to start you must have a Liferay instance already deployed and executing properly.

Edit the file


to modify the client-id, the secret and the callback using the information provided by the OpenId Connect server you want to use. The other values reference to the EGI access portal authentication service. If you plan to use a different OpenID Connect provider the urls to the service need to be modified with the values provided by your provider (this version does not use service description so all the urls should be modified).

Create the package with maven executing the command:

$ mvn clean install

Maven will create two jar files Inside the directory target, one including all dependencies (with with-depencies suffix) and the other without. Copy the one with dependencies inside the lib directory of Liferay (locate Liferay inside your application server, this will contain the directory WEB-INF/lib where copy the jar).

Edit the Liferay file (if you have not create a new one in WEB-INF/classes) and add the new AutoLogin class:


Finally, edit the sign-in link in your theme in order to redirect the user to the URL:


This allow to authente users using the sign-in link in the page. If you access a protected page or open the login portlet the login form still is available. It is suggested to disable the portlet if you plan to use only OpenId Connect.


Users have to sign-in to the portal using the provided link Sign-in as explained in the section Installation. The only difference is that the other sign-in procedure must be disabled so the user cannot see the login for sh/she is used to.



A revised version of this repository will be merged with the federated-login-ext repository therefore new contribution should go to that.